API Reference

Returns a response in the following format

                        "sucess": true,                 //boolean
                        "message": "server message",    //a message from the server
                        "page": 1,                      //curent page you are on
                        "pages": 18,                    //max number of pages
                        "per_page": 20,                 //how many results are per page
                        "skins": [                      //array containing skin items
                            {                           //skin item
                                "id": Int,
                                "name": "String",
                                "author": "String",
                                "license": "String",
                                "type": "String",
                                "img": "String"         //base64 encoded image content string
                            ...repeat skin items

And accepts two GET params - these are capped at 1000